Blackjack Extreme

After you go through the training session you will automatically be given $2,000 in bonus chips. With Blackjack Extreme you get a 'tip of the day' as well as training in the basics and play of blackjack! In BJE, the dealer is a player that takes bets from all other players. All players must make a 'blind bet' to start. You can either set the blind as $50 $100, $200 or PASS etc. Then the dealer deals 2 cards to him or herself plus 2 to each player. Your card that is face up can be seen by other players, but the 'grayed in' card is your down (hole) card that only you can see. Players can 'fold' and surrender 1/2 of their blind bet to the dealer. When it is your turn to play, you can fold, check or raise as much or as little as you want. If you decide to raise, you will automatically get another card after the dealer has played and it is your turn to play again. The dealers choice is to play - thereby covering all of the players bets or he can fold. If the dealer folds you will get back 1/2 of your blind bet. When it is your turn again you will automatically get another card if you have raised before. Then you can also choose to hit or stay normally. At this time you can also split your cards. As the dealer you have the best advantage. You fold or hit depending upon how much the other players are winning FROM YOU. If you decide to play and 'hit' you will automatically be dealt cards until you get at least hard 17 or bust. Get $2,000 FREE FACEBOOK BLACKJACK App credits when you play the new Blackjack Extreme game - with elements of blackjack and poker, you can raise, bet or fold - be the DEALER too! Also win daily bonus chips! Join freeroll tournaments and win $15,000,000 free chips worth $100