Thebes Casino

New Banners $25 Welcome Bonus has new player tournaments worth $5,000

Thebes Casino offers their players two versions of the friendly European Roulette (one zero).

You can either enjoy our classic designed Roulette or our futuristic Electronic Roulette both including these great features:

•Special bets known from French roulette •Amazing and realistic 3D graphics •User-friendly controls and tables •Play roulette for free or for real money •Minimum bet is $1, maxbet $100 per turn

The Blackjack game offered by Thebes Casino offers real money and free blackjack games with the following features:

•Blackjack pays 3 to 2 •Ties are pushed •Dealer stands on all 17 •Insurance pays 2 to 1 •Minimum bet $1, Maximum bet $100

Each of our Video Poker games comes with its own payouts, and the wild card games also contain unique hands that do not exist in non-bonus poker variations such as wild royal flushes or five of a kind.

Deuces Wild The 2's will combine with other cards in your hand acting as Wild cards.

Deuces and Joker If 2's aren't enough Wild cards for you, here we add the Joker card as well to spice things up.

Jacks or Better As its name implies, this video poker classic pays out for hands containing a pair of Jacks or Better.

Joker Poker The Wild Joker is the extra card in this 53 card deck game, resulting in unique hands like "5 of a kind".

Experience some of the most exciting and rewarding video slots.

Black Diamond Precious jewels abound in this exciting video slot.

Crazy Jungle Things go wild in this crazy jungle.

Fantacy Nuts Welcome to the forest and all its hidden treasures

Glamour Add a taste of glamour to your life