Auto Tweet Info

Twittering is the hottest craze to hit the internet since social websites become a 'must have'.

Like all new and fun things there are plenty of people out there whose aim is to make it even more fun, enjoyable and easier to do. One such convenience feature is ' auto tweet '. That may sound like a contradiction of what twittering is all about.

But you are wrong!

Auto Follow and Auto Unfollow

In my opinion, the most beneficial part of auto tweet is the ability to auto follow and  auto unfollow. This auto twitbot will keep track of who starts to follow you. You can tell this auto twitbot to automatically follow that person.

But it even goes one step further. If that follower of yours opts to unfollow you, then you can tell this auto twitbot to automatically unfollow anyone who does that. Sounds neat, handy and a really nice feature to have.

Automatic Welcome Message

The second thing that I love about this autotweet twitbot, is the ability to send an automatic message to a person who starts to follow you. This is the perfect opportunity for you to introduce yourself or tell them all about your twitter misison.

Features List

The list of features actually includes "Schedule tweets Plan set & forget, Track keywords on Twitter Empower yourself, Save and reuse drafts Save hours of typing, Send welcome DMs to new followers Automate, Follow those who follow you Automate, Unfollow those who unfollow you Automate, Vet new followers Semi-automation, Personal status feed Your own tweet engine and Unlimited Twitter accounts No charge.


But most importantly in these hard economic times is the fact that those services are all 100% free.

Professional Twitterers

If you consider yourself a professional twitterer, than you may be interested in the added benefits of the professional package. You can also try this upgraded package for one month for free.

The added features of this package include "Manage all your Twitter accounts One integrated console, Integrate all timelines & keywords Boost your productivity, Filter your timelines Tune in only on favorite friends, Do the same action on multiple accounts One click, save time, Forward DMs to others No copy & paste, Mute annoying tweeters Avoid frustrations, Hide read tweets Unclutter your view, Highly configurable Make it suit your exact need, Schedule @replies and DMs Send when recipient is online, Schedule recurring tweets Without them being repetitive, Pause & unpause recurring tweets Fine-tune campaigns, Broadcast DMs to all followers Get your message out, Run your own Twitter bots Fully automate accounts, integration Feed Facebook & MySpace, Get all new enhancements No extra charge".

It's Your Choice

Free or professional, the choice is yours