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Facebook games are safe and free. so come and play for fun, entertainment and relaxation. Why not start off your play time with 10,000 free coins to play Kash Karnival games! Get 10,000 FREE Remo coins to get started in the Adventure Casino OR Skill District OR Lottery Alley of Mojikanís Kash Karnival. An amazing brand new free-to-play social and skill gaming hub. Join for free today!

Play and have free facebook fun with online and mobile skill, casino or lottery based games. Get free credits when you join and earn more just by having the app open. Awesome fun and FREE too. Be sure to like, subscribe and share so we all benefit! Mojikanís Kash Karnival is a brand new skill and game center with new and fun ways to enjoy the social interaction of facebook. Invite your friends and challenge them to beat you scores. Just click to join and play for FREE now !

Plus for the slot lover in all of us, you will definitely want to play free Trophy Slots with weekly bonus coins to claim as well as tournaments, a leaderboard, plenty of trophies to share, gifts and friend invites for a more sociable interaction. For those who want even more, there are also loads of coin deals for the truly afficted among us.

FREE Facebook slots games! Simply click on GENIE WILD to play the first game and then click Spin to get play. All players start at the "Rookie" level and then progress as they play more and more. Everyone starts with $1,000 in free coins with 0 of 74 trophies and 0 of 309 badges.

Spin now for your chance to win big! Good luck!

- Simply SPIN to earn League Points (pts). The 10 players with the most points each week win prizes. Hint: bigger bets earn more points!
- All prizes are paid in Trophy Slots Coins at the end of the week.
- The league resets at 00:00 GMT every Monday morning. Winners will be announced within 24hrs.
- Visit the Community
- Trophy Slots is the number one slots game on Facebook!
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Play The Extra Cash Games Genie Wild, Teddy Bears, Mouse Takes, Merlins Millions, Castle Keep, Super Safari, Chamelo Wild, To The Rescue, Enchanted Mermaid, Irish Eyes, Owl Eyes, Mad Mad Monkey, Nuts About You, The Snake Charmer, Foxin Wins, Hot Hot Volcano, Medusa, Fantastic Freak Show, Dolphn Reef, Bobby 7s, Love Bugs, Shaark, California Gold, Tootin Carman and more.

Also earn free coins just by having the screen open and letting the 30 minute timer run!

For Blackjack fans, there is NEW fun version of Blackjack Extreme where YOU can finally play the banker and win when those 'dummies' make stupid bets and draw cards when they should not. You know you have all seen them!

After you go through the training session you will automatically be given $2,000 in bonus chips. With Blackjack Extreme you get a 'tip of the day' as well as training in the basics and play of blackjack!

In BJE, the dealer is a player that takes bets from all other players. All players must make a 'blind bet' to start. You can either set the blind as $50 $100, $200 or PASS etc. Then the dealer deals 2 cards to him or herself plus 2 to each player. Your card that is face up can be seen by other players, but the 'grayed in' card is your down (hole) card that only you can see. Players can 'fold' and surrender 1/2 of their blind bet to the dealer.

When it is your turn to play, you can fold, check or raise as much or as little as you want. If you decide to raise, you will automatically get another card after the dealer has played and it is your turn to play again.

The dealers choice is to play - thereby covering all of the players bets or he can fold. If the dealer folds you will get back 1/2 of your blind bet.

When it is your turn again you will automatically get another card if you have raised before. Then you can also choose to hit or stay normally. At this time you can also split your cards.

As the dealer you have the best advantage. You fold or hit depending upon how much the other players are winning FROM YOU. If you decide to play and 'hit' you will automatically be dealt cards until you get at least hard 17 or bust.

There are so many playing and game options that you will positively be back for more!

No doubt you will agree that slot games are the most popular type of casino games around. So for those who really really love or need more, why not play Slot Lotto slot games too. Get 500 free coins just to play the frist time. Play the cool slot called Slot Cherries and others. Here, you can "Experience the highest wins, the best bonus games & thrill of free spins with your friends" on facebook for free!

For non casino games, you no doubt have heard something about Play Space Games like Ludo, Loco Bingo 90, Domino, Luno, Chinchon, Buraco, Numbies, the Goose and the ever popular Restaurant Slots. With this incredible variety of game options, you can sure there is loads of fun waiting for you.