Red or Black - Betting Your Whole Life On One Roulette Spin

Luxury Casino

He does not actually bet his life on roulette, but he does bet more than $100K

With almost 2 million views, this video is all about some idiot guy betting his 'life savings' on RED at roulette. With a bet of $136,000 he stands to go 'double or nothing'.

Thankfully, the video is a mere 3 minutes and fifteen seconds long, so the suspense does not last long. The gambler won $272,000 and went home to England to invest it in an online gambling website!

This is like making Martingale bets. If you lose, you bet twice as much the next time and hope to make it all back at once. Rather than 'grind away' at winning small amounts, this approach to gambling is for 'suckers' and desperate people.



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