Using Occult Mysticism and Magic To Win

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Is using religion, magic or the occult to win at roulette crazy, or it the norm?

If you are from Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, the USA or Italy you are likely one of the 1.1 billion Catholics that believe in miracles. In fact, 93% of the people in the world are religious, so you most likely are inclined to accept that forces other than mere chance can and do help you. So why not direct that belief to winning a game and improving the quality of your life.

Just focus your desires and wishes to winning roulette.

The most common method that people use is to 'hope' that they win. They may vocalize it by screaming or by just saying 'come on, come on'.

Here is a tip to direct those emotions. Instead of constantly switching what you want to happen, you should keep the intended result the same. You should also always strive for the simplest effect.

In the case of roulette, you should always bet on black. All you need to do is have a slight effect on the outcome in order to be successful. Even money bets like black or red already have a close to even chance of happening. So with a little extra 'push' you could turn your playing sessions positive.

More Reasons Why It Could Work

- A lot of people also believe in 'the power of positive thinking'.
- Repetition of a mantra focuses your thoughts and energies toward that goal.
- Visualization of an intended result is helpful to achieving a goal. When you close your eyes, you see 'black' so visualizing a win on black should be a natural.

Simple Spells To Help You Win

"I will win, yes I will win, no one will stop me, so mote it be"
"I will win, so as I will it, so shall it be done"

Lucky Signs and Symbols

American Indian - dream catcher
American - barn star,
Christian - number 7







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