The Casino Advantage
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It is a known fact that casinos always have had a mathematical advantage over the player in roulette games. This is something you can not overlook. Any working game strategy for roulette is not to view the casino as your opponent. They are only using the games odds to win money from you. As with all other games of chance, you cannot adhere to a strict set of rules. The best strategy is to vary your bets.

But rather than double your bets after each loss, as the Martingale system dictates, why not increase your bets when you are ahead? In this approach you would be utilizing your short term gains to leverage your total potential winnings. Think about it as a short term event and not as a series of 1,000 games where the odds are likely to prove true.

Another real casino advantage is the proliferation of flawed roulette strategies and systems based on false logic and outright flim flam.

Roulette Strategies

The game of roulette is probably the casino game with the most strategies developed which are designed to help you consistently win. New systems are constantly being invented and promoted. Obviously, there is no perfect strategy for the game of roulette, unless you cheat. But, when you are playing roulette or any other casino game, you must limit your losses, control your winnings and make the most of the probabilities inherent in the game.

Several roulette systems simply do not function according to reality. Usually that is because those who invented them calculate their strategies based purely on probabilities. When you turn the wheel, the end result is never affected by previous results. So what happens with the game strategy that is dependent upon a strict adherence to probability of outcome. Those probabilities do not play out in an orderly fashion. The order of the results is random. Occasionally, you will, for instance, get 8 red in a row.

If you make a $ 5 bet on the color red 40 times in a row, you may win or lose at the end of the series. Luck and chance will play a part in your outcome. In short, your strategy for a winning at the games of roulette must include a randomness factor if you are to succeed.



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