Bonus Deuces Wild Poker
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Get 300,000+ In Match Bonuses

Start with a fantastic FREE offer from the Mermaids Palace casino. New players get a No Deposit Bonus. Just sign up for free and use bonus code SpartansMPC to get 50 Free Spins on the slot of the month. Then come and play Bonus Deuces Wild Poker with free match bonuses.

"With a 52 card deck a natural Royal Flush pays 4,000 coins and deuces are wild A Natural Royal Flush pays 4,000 coins with four Deuces plus Ace paying 2,000 coins and Four Deuces paying 1,000 coins, Five Aces pays 400 coins, Five 3 to 5 pays 200 coins, Wild Royal FLusg pays 125 coins, Five 6 to K pays 100 coins, Straight Flush pays 45 coins, Four of a Kind pays 20 coins, Full House pays 20 coins, Flush pays 15 coins, Straight pays 5 coins and Three of a Kind pays 5 coins"

If you make optional deposits you can get a 100%+ deposit match bonus to play Bonus Deuces Wild Poker and many more Video Poker games. Just use bonus code CHAT100 and get an extra $30 when you interact with the live chat host. You can always find new Mobile bonus codes when you login. We are also happy to know that players from the USA and elsewhere are welcome. Try out the games with your mobile cell, tablet or laptop.

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